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Lutron raises the bar once again. 10 years in the making, RadioRA 3 is a game-changing system that promises to transform the way your residential clients look at connected lighting control.


Simply Beautiful

  • From original Maestro-style controls to Sunnata next-generation touch technology, RadioRA 3 systems offer a range of design aesthetics for its switches, dimmers, keypads, and remotes.


Wide Array Of Colors

With over twenty color options, including 14 new colors in Satin Finish, finding just the right look for your client’s home has never been easier.


New Processor

Maximize RF coverage. The PoE-powered, receptacle-free, backwards-compatible RadioRA 3 processor makes it easier to efficiently and effectively deliver connected solutions—especially for large and remodel projects

The most connected Smart Home System

Serena connects with more smart home brands than any other smart shade. All you need is the Lutron App and Smart Hub. Sync Serena smart blinds and shades with your other smart home products so you can set the lights, temperature, music and more to your perfect comfort level, all in one place.

Pro or DIY – either way, Artec’s got you covered

Artec gives you everything you need to make your decision with confidence. Whether you choose to go with a pro to help you through the entire process, or do-it-yourself, Artec is here to support you through the whole project.


Give us a call if you have any questions at 1-786-667-2311 Monday through Friday.

Create your comfort zone

Effortlessly create your comfort zone by always having just the right amount of natural light, even when life has your hands full.

Serena wood blinds have Natural Light OptimizationTM, so your individual blinds automatically adjust the amount of tilt based on the position of the sun for maximum comfort day after day.

Bring privacy up
as the sun goes down

With one touch of the smart remote, close your smart shades or smart blinds in near perfect unison so you can enjoy complete privacy in the comfort of your home. Or you can schedule them to open and close based on the rising and the setting of the sun and Serena will automatically adjust the schedule as the seasons change.

Let natural light be your gentle wake-up call

Say goodbye to jarring alarms. Through the Lutron app simply set your Serena smart shades or blinds to open automatically every morning at the time you choose—and let the sun wake you and your family, naturally.

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