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Sonesse ULTRA 504 A8 DC RTS
Works for

Projection screens and Shades

Ultra-quiet, ultra-strong, ultra-flexible

Create the perfect environment and enjoy the peace and serenity provided by the Sonesse ULTRA 50 DC. Compatible with a variety of interior window coverings, it provides superior strength for even the largest of shades. It's near silent operation creates a relaxing and peaceful environment. It's low-voltage so easy to install as well as integrate with home automation systems.



Smart living

ULTRA Powerful

Its superior torque of 4Nm allows the motor to be installed for almost any application on the market. Additionally, the high torque allows for a single Sonesse ULTRA to multi-band up to six shades.

Save energy


Sonesse ULTRA 50 DC is packed with innovations and patented technologies that provide 4Nm of power and an acoustic performance of less than 38dB- the most powerful and quietest motor on the market.

Connected living

ULTRA Flexible

Available for a variety of control systems, for all types of spatial configurations in commercial and residential buildings, in both new and renovated projects.

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Technical characteristics

Consumption during operation                    36 W 

Power supply                                  DC - RGE 8 24V

Noise level (dB)                               35 dB 





Approval                                              UR 

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