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Sonesse 506S2 PA

The range of quiet motors

Sonesse® 506S2 PA

The quiet operation and unmatched strength of the Sonesse motor is a perfect fit when motorizing interior window coverings or projection screens resulting in a relaxing environment.

Works for 

Exterior Solar Screens, Projection screen, Shades



Smart living

Comfort & Convenience

  • Simple transformation from busy living room to relaxing movie environment.

  • Transform your room in seconds with one click of a simple to use app.

  • Quiet operation is ideal for settings where a quiet environment is required.

Save energy

Connected Living

  • Operate projection screens automatically or with a one click command.

  • Stay connected with the interactive devices in your home.

  • Create a theater experience in your own home.

Connected living

Quality Recognition

  • All Somfy motors are UL and CSA recognized using the following numbers: E60495, E60888, E63714.

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Consumption during operation                 146 W 



Power supply               AC - RGE 2 - 120V/60HZ 




Noise level (dB)                                   45 dB 



Approval                                                  UR 

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