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Automate Pulse 2

Smart Home Control

The Automate Pulse 2 Hub is the foundation of your Automate smart shade motorization system. Once you have installed the Pulse 2 Hub, download the Automate Pulse 2 App available for iOS and Android, and set up an account. Experience shade control straight from your smart device or customize your set-up with integrated third party systems.

Smart living
  • Automate Radio Communication utilizes two-way communication to provide up-to-date feedback on battery levels and shade positioning via the Automate Pulse 2 app.

Energy Savings

Save energy
  • Whether you require the speed of a wired Ethernet connection or the convenience and flexibility of Wi-Fi, the Pulse 2 Hub offers both so you can reliably connect to your home’s network.


Connected living
  • Maximize the convenience of smarter shades. Up to five Pulse 2 Hubs can be allocated to any location and up to 30 motors per hub, letting you control up to 150 different smart shades in the one home.


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